2022 Award Recipients

Lauréats de 2022

Interpretation Canada announced the 2022 Awards of Excellence winners in June 2023. 

The Awards of Excellence provide an opportunity to recognize professionalism and creativity from coast to coast to coast. Entries covered a wide range of topics and media, resulting in seven award winners.

Interpretation Canada congratulates its 2022 recipients and encourages everyone to learn more about these exciting projects. 

All winning projects are featured in the language in which they were submitted.

Interprétation Canada a fait l’annonce des lauréats des Prix d’excellence de 2022 en juin 2023.

Les Prix d’excellence offrent une occasion de saluer le professionnalisme et la créativité de partout au pays. Sept lauréats ont émergé des candidatures, qui représentaient une vaste gamme de sujets et de médiums.

Interprétation Canada félicite ses lauréats de 2022 et invite toute personne intéressée à s’informer sur leurs réalisations exceptionnelles.

Toutes les réalisations gagnantes sont présentées dans la langue où elles ont été soumises.

Personal Interpretation

Interprétation personnelle


Harry Plover and the Species at Risk

Miquelon Lake Provincial Park, Alberta Parks, Brian Orr & Alison Cole

This story follows the lives of students at a school for wildlife species at different levels of risk. One student is Harry Plover who has a hard time understanding his species at risk designation and what that means for his and other species survival. The story arch transitions the characters from hopelessness to one of hope and understanding.

Judge's comments:

“An hour is a long time for a stage show; a lesser interpreter would not be able to retain the audience's attention and 'buy-in' but Brian and Alison made it look easy.”

“THE SORTING HAT puppet. The use of species-at-risk categories as houses. Genius, elegant, out of this world, next-level puppet design, twenty out of ten.”

“The characters in this program were so entertaining and believable. Wonderful use of the Harry Potter theme to weave this story in a way that was engaging for all ages. Well done.”

Video credit: Alberta Parks


On Our Way to Áísínai'pi

Writing-on-Stone Provincial Park Alberta Parks 

Dustin Riley, Laura Griffin, Saa'kokoto

On Our Way to Áísínai'pi is a campground theatrical performance. The show follows two friends, Louise and Clark, as they travel to Writing-on-Stone Provincial Park, Canada’s newest UNESCO World Heritage Site, for a summer camping trip. On their journey they learn about the region’s unique geological process, interact with wildlife and locals, engage with Blackfoot culture, and discover why Áísínai'pi is of outstanding universal value to humanity.

Judge's comments:

“I had moments where I forgot I was supposed to be judging and just got wrapped up in the show. Great work.”

“I feel that the themes conveyed most within this program are crucial themes to be delivering in interpretive programs in our parks. I enjoyed the focus on nurturing respect for the landscape and cultural landscape of the park to be admirable and effectively delivered.”

“This is a beautifully structured program that brings its subject matter to life with a variety of impactful skits, visuals, musical numbers and opportunities for guest participation. Bravo!”

Video credit: Alberta Parks


How Sally Ceratops Lost Her Horn

Dinosaur Provincial Park: Alberta Parks

Tara Ryan & Kara-Lyne Weaver

This free outdoor show at the Dinosaur Provincial Park Amphitheatre will take you back in time! Journey through the past and present with Sally Certatops as she tries to solve the mystery of her lost dinosaur identity! Will she overcome the perils of cretaceous Alberta, 75 million years of fossilization, and missing body parts? This production is a 1 hour outdoor program for all ages. 

Judge's comments:

“I think the message of leaving fossils in the ground is SO important. The audience loved the program, and the performers' energy was very contagious. The clarity of the message helped to create a very strong program that was simple, yet powerful.”

“Such incredible talent. Such a gift to be able to watch this show and know that Interpretation is still working its magic. Thanks for all the effort you put into this show.”

“You managed to give as the theme and call to action within the first few seconds but still left enough room so that the rest of the program would still have questions left to answer. Expertly done.”

Watch the program here

Video and image credit: Alberta Parks



Alberta Parks: Kananaskis Country 

Julie Ryan, Willow Huszti, & Isabelle Sinclair

Ever wonder what you get when you put a band of beetles together? Beetlemania! For your viewing (and listening) pleasure, come see how 'The Beetles' got their start (yes that's 'Beetles', not 'Beatles'). From little larvae on the forest floor and in the trees, to the greatest pop sensation Kananaskis Country has ever seen! Learn all about the Beetles of Kananaskis Country and their important role in this 55min musical theatre show!

Judge's comments:

“A masterful demonstration of getting crowd participation that engages both the volunteer and the audience as a whole. I am also blown away by your production values – costumes with extra arms! The wigs! The sound system! Top notch work that I'm sure will exceed most park program audiences' expectations.”

“[I loved] the energy put into coming up with unexpected and memorable characterization. I'll be thinking about the mouse carcass for weeks.”

“Thanks for taking me (and your audience) on this magical mystery tour, and for interpreting an amazing group of animals through a unique lens.”

Video credit: Alberta Parks

Non-personal Interpretation

Interprétation non-personnelle


Fortress Halifax: A City Shaped by Conflict

Parks Canada Agency, Halifax Citadel National Historic Site

Dave Danskin, Keith Mercer, Mike Kilfoil, Hal Thompson, Anne Marie Lane Jonah, & Glenn Toze

The largest and newest exhibit at the Halifax Citadel National Historic Site fills over 550 square metres (6,000 square feet) within the walls of the historic stone fort. Divided into seven rooms, each room presents a different time period starting from before Halifax was established through to modern day. Immerse yourself in the social and military story of Halifax as told through the lens of the four Citadels.

Halifax and its Fortress share a rich and vibrant history. Experience it as never before through stories, paintings, digital journals, and anecdotes as told through multiple perspectives. Be among the first to travel through time to explore Halifax from the turbulent colonial era to the World Wars and beyond!

Judge's comments:

“I am very impressed by this exhibit. I think it’s a fantastic example of what modern exhibitions are capable of being at a historic site.”

“This exhibit is unlike any I have seen, in that it is cutting edge in introducing potentially unpopular perspectives and truths.  It does not dance around the reality of the area’s history – the good, the bad and ugly.  It provokes, challenges and educates visitors.  It makes great efforts towards reconciliation with Indigenous peoples.  It is high quality, interactive, engaging, and appropriate for the times.”

“The digital interactive of loading, aiming and firing the cannon is well done. It gets the message across about how the tech works. And people would enjoy the outcome of blasting away at a ship.”

Image credit: Parks Canada


Waterton Lakes National Park Visitor Centre

Interactive exhibits invite you to learn about the species and places that define Waterton Lakes. Step inside the thirteen moons exhibit to discover their significance to the Blackfoot people, or visit the Night Life Theatre for a glimpse of the nocturnal wildlife and starry skies.

View statues of local wildlife and learn animal names in English, French and Blackfoot. Visit the Crown of the Continent interactive area and discover where waters flow from the Continental Divide. Brush up on your history and plan your day with interesting and informative maps and displays. You can even explore a miniature version of Red Rock Canyon before visiting the real thing.

Judge's comments:

“The animations were compelling and very well done. I was engaged and enjoyed both the script and the visuals. Great work!”

“The building and the incorporated displays both externally and internally provide a strong, positive, and memorable impact. I can't wait to visit the site.”

“I look forward to visiting Waterton this spring and taking in the visitor centre as part of my visit. You've left me inspired with the displays and the centre and grounds.”

Image credit: Metrographics


Exterior Interpretive Exhibits for Elk Island National Park

Exhibits highlight biodiversity (a different species cutout is hand painted on each node), unique landscapes (sighting scopes target knobs and kettles, among other features), and the cultural forces that have shaped and continue to impact the park (including Indigenous heritage, bison conservation and grasslands management). Featured exhibits include:

  • a rotating, night sky constellation chart;

  • a race the bison game;

  • an underwater periscope; and

  • a woodpecker xylophone.

Judge's comments

“I love the signposts and the thought that went into creating something sculptural and interesting. It draws you in, and makes you want to know what the content of the sign is. I especially enjoyed the full-size bison pieces – what a great way for people to safely get up close to the animals and get a sense of just how big they are.”

“I love the steel cut outs and painted animals as well as the interactive elements. Visually they are so compelling. I wouldn't be able to resist going over or taking a picture with them. The interactive elements would keep me coming back year after year to observe changes.”

“I especially enjoyed the artistry and innovation used in the design and fabrication of the different interpretive nodes.”

Image credit: Metrographics

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