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The Interpreter's Big Book of Disasters

Ever wished you could learn from your mistakes without actually having to make them?

From weather disasters to awkward audience members, unexpected animal behaviour to technological failures, the stories in this book cover all of your interpretation nightmares.

The Interpreter's Big Book of Disasters is a guide to teach you what others learned the hard way. These are the disaster stories that are shared around a campfire, passed down from grizzled veteran interpreters to fresh young recruits. They were never written down in training manuals… until now.

The book is entirely the result of voluntary contributions from interpreters across Canada and beyond. The stories, illustrations, design and editing were all done by interpreters, free of charge, for the benefit of the interpretive community. It is the outcome of a whole community of interpreters coming together. You will laugh, cheer, and maybe even cry, but most of all you will learn how to save yourself from repeating the same mistakes.  It's available on Amazon.ca.

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