2016 Gold Award for Non-Personal Interpretation:  TiBert Le Voyageur

Rob Malo, the creator of TiBert le Voyageur, is well known for his interpretive work with festivals and schools around the province of Manitoba. His winning entry was for a website and graphic novel created for teachers and students. In this innovative form of interpretation, TiBert le Voyageur explores the challenges and joys of being a Canadian voyageur. The team of creators also includes Ron Lamoureux, Christian Miranda and Hélène Roy.

The judges praised the website and graphic novel for “pushing the boundaries of what interpretation can be,” being well-researched, and being beautifully designed and illustrated. This bilingual resource can be seen at tibertvoyage.com. 


2016 Gold Award for Personal Theatrical Interpretation:
Indiana Cones and the Quest for the Keystone - Waterton Lakes National Park

The Gold Award of Excellence in Theatrical Personal Interpretation winner for 2016 was Waterton Lakes National Park for its program “Indiana Cones and the Quest for the Keystone.” The judges praised the calibre of the program on many fronts.
“The interpreter’s presentation was flawless and captivated my attention from start to finish.”
“The program had a clear key idea and was well organized... The conclusion wrapped everything up in a neat package that could be taken home in the memories of the audience members for recall later.”

2016 Silver Award for Personal Theatrical Interpretation:
Gnarly Pines - Banff National Park at Telus SPARK Science Centre

A Silver Award of Excellence was presented to Banff National Park's Phillip Nugent, David Thomson, and Laurie Schwartz for “Gnarly Pines.”, which was presented at the Telus Spark Science Centre in the summer of 2016.

Praise from the judges included “excellent audience engagement,”Excellent presenters and their use of interpretive techniques that helped support the goals and theme of the program and involved the audience.” and “A very strong program that makes a somewhat complicated or involved topic easy to understand and memorable.”

2016 Honourable Mention for Personal Theatrical Interpretation
Shore Wars: The Forest Awakens - Dinosaur Provincial Park

Judges’ comments included “love how detailed and organized your written script/plan is,” “the songs were easy to follow, catchy and effective at getting the theme across which can be difficult to do in a song,” “Solid, theatrical performance with good presenters – a strength that stands out is how the theme was woven throughout the entire program and was also a call to action.” The award was presented to Sara Chappell, Kirin Lamb, Fred Hammer and Jarrid Jenkins.

A Dark Night - Waterton Lakes National Park
Judges’ comments included that the interpreter was inspiring, thought-provoking and very relatable. “The Research League superheroes were a fun way of including the audience members and would be something that the children can take with them.” The team for this program included Rachelle Simard, Amber de Kam, Anna Dahonick, Nick Lai and Natalie Hodge.

2016 Silver Award for Personal Non-Theatrical Interpretation
Participatory Interpretation -  Lake Louise / Yoho / Kootenay National Parks
The Silver Award of Excellence for Personal Interpretation was presented to Parks Canada LLYK 2016 Team for their Participatory Interpretation programs. 
It’s wonderful to see interpreters who can effectively set the stage and then step back to facilitate connections between families and strangers.”, the judges said.   
Kudos for thinking outside the box and stepping away from some of the more traditional styles for programming and trying to achieve whole audience participation with the heads, hearts, hands/feet of the audience.”   The team included Marla Oliver, Ardelle Hynes, Nadine Fletcher, Meghan Beamish, Nickole Poirier and Adele Laramee.

Lake Louise Yoho and Kootenay Interpreters

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