2023 National Conference 

Together on the Leading Edge

ONLINE - September 26–28 

We look forward to hearing about your work on the leading edge!

As interpreters, we often inhabit the ‘leading edge’ - that place where forward momentum blends innovation with novel approaches, where starkly different environments coexist peacefully, where growth feels exciting, yet balanced. Interpreters need to be on this leading edge to keep up with today’s fast changing world. 

Join your colleagues and together we will explore how interpreters can thrive and not just survive, on the foremost edge of our profession. They say there is never a crowd on the leading edge – we beg to differ – interpreters as a group are out there in that place of transformation and together we can thrive on it.

Interpretation Canada’s 2023 Online Conference explores how living on the leading edge allows us as interpreters to constantly evolve to best meet the needs of our diverse audiences. How do you innovate in your program delivery? What tools do you use? How do you stay inspired and invite others to join you on the leading edge? 

We are looking for conference sessions that help us explore this broad topic, offer case studies, share research findings, or challenge us to experience new ways of perceiving. Be prepared to be inspired and to inspire others!

Check out the proposal form for ideas on what "leading edge" could look like!

Email us with questions.

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