2023 National Conference 

Together on the Leading Edge

ONLINE – September 26–28 

Registration closes September 22 at 5:00 P.M. EST

Cliquez ici pour voir ces détails en français. Cette traduction a été généreusement fournie par nos collègues de l'Association québécoise des interprètes du patrimoine (AQIP).

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As interpreters, we often inhabit the ‘leading edge’that place where forward momentum blends innovation with novel approaches, where starkly different environments coexist peacefully, and where growth feels exciting, yet balanced. Interpreters need to be on this leading edge to keep up with today’s changing world. 

Interpretation Canada’s 2023 National Conference (online) explores how living on the leading edge allows us as interpreters to constantly evolve to best meet the needs of our diverse audiences. How do you innovate in your program delivery? What tools do you use? How do you stay inspired and invite others to join you on the leading edge? Join us to explore these questions.

Together with your colleagues, explore how interpreters can thrivenot just surviveon the foremost edge of our profession. They say there is never a crowd on the leading edge but we beg to differ! Interpreters as a group are out in that place of transformation and together we can thrive there.

Here is what your conference fee gets you:

    • 18 sessions offered in 9 concurrent time slots, led by your colleagues from across Canada.
    • Access to the recordings of all sessions for 90 days after the conference, so you can watch the sessions you missed.
    • A dynamic keynote address to kick start the fun.
    • Dialogue with your fellow interpreters after each presentation, and panel discussions to talk about the leading-edge ideas and how to incorporate them into your own setting.
    • The opportunity to participate in Viewing Teams—saving money and increasing your fun and learning.

Viewing Teams

New this year. Get a team together to participate together in the conference—have fun and save money. This could be a great option for smaller sites that would like to participate. During the conference, all Viewing Team registrants are encouraged to be in a room together with one main computer log in for the group. We’ll be offering challenges and games specifically for Viewing Teams, so be ready to compete and support your team and earn your InterpCan bragging rights. 


We have an exciting lineup of sessions covering leading edge topics!

In English:

    • How can Parks Canada interpreters live up to our treaty obligations? Lessons learned from a masters project
    • Parliament Past and Present: How to Transform an Interpretive Program for the Future
    • Immersive Insights: Enriching Interpretation with Digital Experiences
    • Accessing art together: How you can listen to blind and low vision audiences from day one
    • Designing for Play: Creating Dialogic Children’s Activity Packs
    • ReCollections: How internal and external collaboration helped build an archaeology and history podcast at Parks Canada
    • Exploring Interpretive Methodologies that Embrace Two Eyed Seeing Perspectives of the Universe
    • Inclusive Horizons: Rebuilding Interpretation in BC Parks
    • Leading Edge USA
    • Collecting and Sharing Oral History for Online Collections
    • Dialogic interpretation at the edge of the Arctic
    • Using old and new technologies to tell both old and new stories
    • Effective and inclusive questionnaire design for program evaluation
    • Collaborate to Innovate
    • Museums and Indigenous Peoples

In French:

    • Le projet Louis Cyr à la maison a permis de dématérialiser et d’amplifier l’exposition permanente du musée via l’expérience de réalité virtuelle au musée et la visite virtuelle en ligne.
    • Explorer le patrimoine des plaines d’Abraham en élucidant des énigmes. Sac de golf, brouette, sac à dos… Des moyens originaux de médiation à découvrir dans ces jeux d'évasion extérieurs inusités!

Check out session details on our conference platform website.

RegistrationCLOSES SEPTEMBER 22 AT 5 P.M. EST  

We look forward to seeing you virtually at the upcoming Interpretation Canada National Conference from September 26–28, 2023.
    • Interpretation Canada Members registration: $155
    • AQIP Member registration: $155
    • Non-Member registration: $205, includes 1 year IC Membership (Save $26 by becoming a member before you register. Membership is $24/year.)
    • Viewing Teams: The first registrant (Team Lead) pays full registration, with each additional registrant costing $50, to a maximum of six people total. Teams must be registered all at once by the Team Lead and email addresses must be provided for all registrants. Everyone will be given 1-year IC Membership.
    • Presenters and Panelists registration: $50 to attend the whole conference (no charge if only attending to lead your session!)

Click here to register.

Cancellation Policy  

Interpretation Canada does not offer refunds of registration fees. A registration name change is permitted prior to the conference by submitting a written request to info@interpretationcanada.ca.

In extenuating circumstances only (e.g., extreme weather event, illness, death), requests for a partial refund may be considered. Such requests must be submitted in writing with appropriate documentation.

Submit all requests to info@interpretationcanada.ca


Our conference is organized and run entirely by volunteers! If you would like to get involved with this conference or future ones, or assist Interpretation Canada in other ways, please contact us. 

Thank you to our supporters! 


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