Call for Proposals

Interpretation Canada National Conference: Interpreting the Invisible
September 14–16, 2021, online

Many interpretation programs work to establish connections between the things our visitors can see, smell, and touch (such as a tree, or a historic artefact)… and the forces that shaped those things or bind them together.

Interpretation Canada’s 2021 Conference explores how we effectively interpret the imperceptible and the invisible.

How do we help our audience experience slow changes (such as tide, tectonics, or time itself)? How do we bring to life something we can’t easily see (like personal bias, climate change, a sense of identity, or empathy)? What about the difficult, the microscopic, the emotional, the imaginary?

We are looking for conference sessions that help us explore this broad topic, offer case studies, share research findings, or challenge us to experience new ways of perceiving.

We encourage submissions from those who have not previously presented at an Interpretation Canada conference as well as from those who have previously shared their ideas. We would appreciate your help adding missing voices to the discussion.

All sessions will be online. A hardwired internet connection (not Wi-Fi) is strongly recommended. Sessions will be recorded and all registrants will have access to the recordings.

We encourage you to network with your colleagues on the Interpretation Canada member forums and in our members Facebook group to collaborate on panel sessions.


Panel Discussion (40 minutes, plus 20 minutes for audience questions. Up to 3 panelists plus host)

Explorations (20 minutes, plus 10 minutes for audience questions)

Rapid-Fire (5 minutes, pre-recorded only)

Deadline Extended:

Submit proposals by April 30, 2021 midnight Pacific time.

Submit Proposals Here

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